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About the Customer

Mobile/ Tablet based education for 21st century students, The Educational Apps are highly interactive, engaging and customized for each Individual for driving performance. It focuses on Mathematics and science for High-School students.

What ObliquePyramid does best

ObliquePyramid partners with the customer to provide scale for the business along with increasing engaged users, increasing adoption, reducing customer acquisition cost and increasing revenue per dollar of marketing spend.

1    |    The Challange

For Education Market, both students and parents are important customers for engagement. The success of a product depends on student adoption, engagement, usage, while value perception and revenue is realized thorugh parents. The uninstall rarte is very high in Mobile Apps segement and power users/ frequent users are a very small percentage across industries. Getting right kind of users, their network and engaging them to relalize value has always been a challenge. The other challenge being trying to find more power users and engaged users as Engaged Users are Paying Users.

2    |    The Solution

After learning more about the brand its products offering during the discovery phase, ObliquePyramid carried out an extensive research about the market, competition, profiling of potential customers most suitable for the brand keeping in mind the objectives for the brand. It devised a three-pronged solution:
  1. Research and Analysis of Mobile/ Tablet Intent as well as profiling with respect to Need and Competition. Design of cohorts using our Profiling Tool based on identification of Mobile/ Tablet Apps Behavior, Intent and Timing.
  2. Setting up and Managing Integrated Campaigns across SEM, In-App Ads, Social Media, Display Networks targeted specifically for Mobile/ Tablet users as per the Behavioural Cohorts with integrated suitable communication strategy resulting in the App Install with a higher focus on engagement and conversion.
  3. Continous Optimization using our Profiling Tools with Integrated Analysis of Marketing and Engaged users in terms of time-spent and usage of the Education App.

3    |    The Bottom Line

After going through number of optimization cycles, the most optimal balance has been achieved for Integrated Campaigns across digital media channels including SEM, In-App Ads, Social media and Display networks. Best fit custom communication and Re-marketing makes sure that highly engaged users are engaged. The granular analysis and Profling also helps optimal similar users generation, who are high-power users with very high engagement and higher frequency of usage. The Cohorts generated by the profiling tools help increasing better quality users for an enhanced ROI on marketing spend. Both the Growth in business and Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost achieved with predictability.

Our customer now boasts as the best engaged and best MAU and High-Power user base in its product category. They have a great amount of control over their customer acquisition process, predictable revenues and driving better customer experience by providng the best solution to the individual needs as per the granular analysis and profiling.

18% Plus

High Power Engaged Users


Reduction in Target App Install Cost

20% Plus

Referral and Organic

Top 3

Ranking on App Store