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About the Customer

Bookkeeping, Payroll and Taxes Outsourcing services specially designed for small to medium size businesses in the USA. Services also include real-time bookkeeping, full time and part time bookkeepers. Team of experienced and certified QuickBooks Pro advisors manage the services remotely.

What ObliquePyramid does best

ObliquePyramid partners with the customer to provide scale for the business along with reducing customer acquisition cost and increasing revenue per dollar of marketing spend.

1    |    The Challange

While Bookkeeping is a need for all businesses, it is importatnt to idenfity and reach out to only small to medium size companies or individual business owners. It is a crowded space, with competitions from local accounting and bookkeeper professionals apart from a large number of online/ remote outsourcing companies. Considering that the service offering is remote bookkeeping, getting leads who are comfortable in remote bookkeeping and have specific needs are challenging. Moreover the conversion of leads depend on discussion and clarifictions with an expert, hence lead generation as per the availbale capacity of the experts is importatnt to provide better experience and conversion.

2    |    The Solution

After learning more about the brand its products offering during the discovery phase, ObliquePyramid carried out an extensive research about the market, competition, profiling of potential customers most suitable for the brand keeping in mind the objectives for the brand. It devised a three-pronged solution:
  1. Research and Analysis of Online Intent as well as profiling with respect to Competition. Design of cohorts using our Profiling Tool based on identification of Online Behavior, Intent and Timing.
  2. Setting up and Managing Integrated Campaigns across SEM, Social Media, Display Networks as per the Behavioural Cohorts with integrated suitable communication strategy resulting in Lead Generation as per the expert advisor capacity schedule.
  3. Continous Optimization using our Profiling Tools with Integrated Analysis of Marketing and Sales Information.

3    |    The Bottom Line

After going through number of optimization cycles, the most optimal balance has been achieved for Integrated Campaigns across digital media channels including SEM, Social media and Display networks. Best fit custom communication and Re-marketing makes sure that the best connection is maintained with the leads till sales conversion. The granular analysis also helps optimal lead generation by the hours of the day synchronizing with Advisor Capacity, which yeilds in timely customer service. The Cohorts generated by the profiling tools help generating higher value of transactions and improving overall ROI on marketing spend. Both the Growth in business and Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost achieved with predictability.

Our customer now boasts as a highly predictable customer acquisition process. It manages and schedules the availablity of its sales and support advisors based on the lead generation cycle to provide quickest and best customer on-boarding process with a good amount of cost optimization. It also acquires more customers with higher average ticket size of revenue per month, hence better ROI. They also provide the best solution to the individual needs as per the granular analysis and profiling on a predictable manner.


Increase in New Customers/ Month


Reduction in Customer Acquisition Cost


Increase in Avg. Revenue/ Engagement


Recovery of Marketing Spend in 30 Days