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About the Customer

Top 5 Multi-National Consulting Company. The infrastructure consulting group provides high-end consulting and optimization for Power Sector organizations. They not only provide consulting in process optimization, but carry out the hand-holding process along with the client organizations by putting together systems, processes and running the operations together till the time, it is ready to be taken over by the client independently.

What ObliquePyramid does best

ObliquePyramid partners with the customer to design, develop and optimize an Analytics Product and the related work-flow to automate the process. The product is designed to provide seam-less data collection, analysis and running the prediction models to generate the required output to be used further in the work-flow process.

1    |    The Challange

The challenge in any Analytics based prediction models are the management of quality and quantity of information. For the said model, there were a lot of information with different perspectives and different influencer levels. Moreover the most of the information changes dynamically at different times of the day from the original source, which are external. Collecting the information on a timly manner and making sure that the analytical models are run in the proper sequence to meet the target timeline for each day is the most challenging task.

2    |    The Solution

After learning more about the the end outcome, various inputs, their sources and dynamics of the information, ObliquePyramid carried out an extensive research and design for the information collection, sub-analysis models, intermediate storage and re-attribution keeping in mind about the importance of timely completion of all analysis for generating the outputs. We designed a 3 step process for execution:
  1. Research and Analysis of all the information to come out with the Design based on the importance, the cross-linking, dynamic behaviour and re-attribution. All external sources were mapped and the design was made to collect only relevant information than managing large amount of unused data.
  2. Development of the product with multiple independent stages, yet linked to each other. Near Live environment was setup to simulate the real-time environment
  3. Continous Optimization and fine-tuning on a daily basis while carrying out a parallel run of the system and manual activities based on the information base, which resulted into establishing the live production environment.

3    |    The Bottom Line

There was automation of information collection, processing and availability on a timely manner to further integrate the output of the analytics based prediction model to the processes. It reduced a lot of errors and also enhances the productivity of the complete life-cycle resulting into better prediction and reduction in cost.

Our customer now boasts to have put togehter an integrated process, which provides very low error margin in predictions, resulting into optimized operations, better planning and cost-saving.


Timely output for operations


Reduction in error marging of prediction


Reduction in Operations Man-hours


Ability for Remote Management