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What is missed by most of the Marketing Veterans in current Context of Business – Consumer (B2C) Relationship

Ambika Das
12 April 2015

For consumer products/ services (B2C) business, traditionally Marketing has been focusing on building awareness, reaching out to Target Audience best suited for the products/ services and sharing information to either reduce resistance for the brand or to generate interest for the brand. Then the Sales Team become the most important aspect of the business for converting them into Revenue, making the Sale happen.

I often wonder looking at the sales people in a Saree Shop, how can we build the behaviour analysis and conversion of those Sales People into technology. They are skilled to start reading the customer choices, budget, liking of the visiting customer and keep improving showing the next piece of the product, which engages the customer to drive sale.

The above context clearly makes line of separation between Marketing and Sales. What Marketing has not been doing, which was considered as Sales Process or Activity leading to Revenue for the business. However in digitally driven world of consumers, the so called sales person/ consultant to help customer is missing in many scenarios like an Online Buy or eCommerce experience of consumers. Hence the process of Marketing & Sales are no more separate and individual processes but an Integrated Process including not only identifying target consumers, reaching out to them, bringing them to experience the process of evaluation but also converting them into Sale, generating Revenue for the business.

While for some people it might look simple that we have an integrated process, but for most this is the most challenging aspect for the business. This is like asking the Marketing guys to work like Sales team with specific targets, managing conversion funnel and taking ownership of the Revenue.

We will discuss more about the above aspect in coming days.

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