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Why Copywriters Need To Know Analytics Too

22 April 2016, Vandana Rajkhowa
Marketing copywriters have a very important job to do in online and digital marketing. Not only do they create the first level of engagement with the customer, their work can also provide the much needed impetus in the lead conversion process; to convince the seeker to become a buyer. Thus to keep up with the swiftly changing media landscape, marketing copywriters can no longer afford to be kept insulated from the metrics of analytics.

Marketing Strategy for the New Age: From Funnels to Consumer Decision Journeys

18 March 2016, Vandana Rajkhowa
It is no secret that with the coming of the digital age, one of the things that has changed drastically is marketing strategy. More and more consumers are now moving out of the purchasing funnel. Essentially, this means that the internet is changing the way consumers understand and research products to buy. Any marketing strategy would first look for a touch point or a specific moment in which a consumer can be influenced before a buying decision is made. For years, these touch points have been understood through the funnel analogy.

Strategies for Digital Scaling-up of Businesses in a Cost-Effective Manner

10 March 2016, Vandana Rajkhowa
One of the biggest challenges faced by businesses in growing industries such as e-commerce, mobile applications or online products and services is that of digital scaling-up. It has been seen that companies with a small initial focussed target audience tend to find ways to optimise the cost of customer acquisition along with that of their operational capabilities. It is, however, much easier to scale-up optimal operations through good internal processes and putting in place checks and balances than it is to scale-up customers, increase online growth and multiply transactions and revenue.

Disrupting Digital Marketing : The only way forward

11 February 2016, Vandana Rajkhowa
The standard marketing plan that most agencies offer begins by using the brief the client provides to make assumptions regarding the target market and the features of the product or services. These assumptions inform the digital marketing strategy that is aimed at creating the highest return on investment. Most times, even if market research data is available, the sample sizes are too small and highly selective, making the results too skewed.

Analytics in Digital Marketing: CRM, Page Traffic, and Beyond

03 February 2016, Vandana Rajkhowa
No business in today’s world can do its best without web analytics. Analytics provide critical information about customer behaviour and preferences. But it is important to distinguish between behavioral analysis, analysis and data. Raw data such as number of visitors to a page, dates, times, locations, and a generic user profile can be easily acquired. What is important is what is done with this data. Essential to the survival of modern businesses is the understanding of customer engagement, customer behavior, digital marketing, and social media analytics.

What is missed by most of the Marketing Veterans in current Context of Business – Consumer (B2C) Relationship

12 April 2015, Ambika Das
For consumer products/ services (B2C) business, traditionally Marketing has been focusing on building awareness, reaching out to Target Audience best suited for the products/ services and sharing information to either reduce resistance for the brand or to generate interest for the brand. Then the Sales Team become the most important aspect of the business for converting them into Revenue, making the Sale happen.