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Analytics in Digital Marketing: CRM, Page Traffic, and Beyond

Vandana Rajkhowa
03 February 2016

No business in today’s world can do its best without web analytics. Analytics provide critical information about customer behaviour and preferences. But it is important to distinguish between behavioral analysis, analysis and data. Raw data such as number of visitors to a page, dates, times, locations, and a generic user profile can be easily acquired. What is important is what is done with this data. Essential to the survival of modern businesses is the understanding of customer engagement, customer behavior, digital marketing, and social media analytics.

That is where we come in.

We use innovative techniques to create useful visualizations of website traffic and online marketing data and connect it to real time incidence and internal Customer Relations Management (CRM) data. People often forget that most behavior data is influenced by the way customers are pushed to navigate. For example, links to discounts displayed prominently on website landing pages will attract users to those links. This generates a lot of information but not necessarily what businesses need.

We understand that the most important thing is to know what encourages users to spend money; how to attract the right audience at the right time and provide them the right value to seal the deal. This is possible not just by collecting page data, but by linking the entire data path from lead generation to conversion and sale. For instance, most online businesses only manage to convert about 2–3% of unique visitors into paying customers. It is also interesting to note that even among paying customers, the 80–20 principle is in play; which means that about 20% of the customers contribute up to 80% of the revenue. Thus it can be seen that the business numbers are the real metric; and not just page analytics numbers. We figure out how to get more of those 20% customers, where to get them from and when to get them.

It is imperative for Integrated Sales and Marketing Analytics to take these important statistics and predict behavior into account to ensure a viable return on investment and improve digital marketing methods. We provide this essential link between web/ marketing analytics and customer relationship management for customer life-cycle value that helps improve branding, online marketing, and customer care. It is also essential to eliminate noise from data to truly understand the behaviour of the most valuable customers.

Once that is accomplished, there can be several ways forward to attract more such users.

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